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IDM UltraCompare Professional

Free Download IDM UltraCompare Professional Full Version Direct Link With High Speed – Compare files, folders, PDFs, Word, and Excel intelligently.

IDM UltraCompare Professional
49 MB
  • Win XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • RAM: 1GB or Higher
  • Added: 7/17/2020
  • Language: English
  • Web:

IDM UltraCompare ProfessionalIDM UltraCompare Professional is used to compare text files, zip folders, Java files and, more and different files. UltraCompare will show you files so you will access your needed files as quickly as possible or maybe find duplicate files and delete them.

IDM UltraCompare Professional 20 Download has many very useful features so we will explain a few things. Click the Download Button Below to start IDM UltraCompare Pro Free Download with the Direct Download and Continue Link.

IDM UltraCompare 20 For Windows, Free Downloads Placed on our special high-speed server with High-Speed ​​downloads from IDM UltraCompare 20.

The main features of IDM UltraCompare

  • Compare 2 or 3 files or folders at once
  • Combine differences
  • Filter views to show only matches or differences
  • Highlights differ based on characters, words or lines
  • Ignore white spaces, end of lines, uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Ignore the lines that start with, end with, everything between …
  • Average manually
  • Edit file when you compare it
  • Paste and compare text snippets
  • Preview HTML file in browser
  • Scan and navigate differences with mini-maps
  • Save the comparison results as HTML or text
  • Print compare results
  • Compare sources with complete syntax highlighting
  • Compare files from the Internet via URL
  • Compare files and folders from FTP or SFTP
  • Compare Word Documents (.doc or .docx), PDF and RTF
  • Automatic folder-based synchronization of rules
  • Find and handle duplicate files
  • Save and reload the comparison that is used most often with sessions
  • Drag and drop folders and files to compare them
  • Native command line support
  • Integrate with Git, Subversion, CVS, and others
  • Change applications and compare colors with themes
  • Show compare vertically or horizontally
  • Save differences and report results

Highlight UltraCompare

Compare 2 or 3 files at once
The power of UltraCompare is unmatched by the ability to compare up to 3 files or folders at once! Track changes, combine differences and more with UltraCompare’s intuitive interface. You can open a 2-way or 3-way comparison session from the Session -> New Sessions sub-menu.

Combine differences
The powerful UltraCompare merge option allows you to merge selected content before or after the current block, accept all / merge all changes, and merge only one line. Folder comparison gives you the ability to merge (copy) different and missing files between folders that are compared at the same time or on a file by file basis.

Filter compare views to show only matches or differences
Use the interactive Legends and Filters dialog to quickly filter your comparison to only show differences, matches, etc. This docked panel, available for comparing text and folders, also provides a quick reference for comparing colors and symbols.

Ignore white spaces, end of lines, certain lines, and more
UltraCompare provides a set of powerful ignore options so you can only see the differences that are important to you. Ignore white spaces, blank lines, edge lines, lines starting with certain strings, and more in text mode. Ignore the difference between date and time in folder mode – or use the ignore your text option in folder mode too!

Set the starting point of the text comparison manually
Sometimes your files are arranged in such a way that you need to manually set points in each file where your comparison utility should start scanning. UltraCompare allows you to do this with the manual synchronization feature. Just right-click anywhere in your file and select the “Align manual” option.

Edit the text file when you compare it
Need to make quick changes to one of your text files quickly? No problem. UltraCompare provides basic text editing with the ability to cancel or save your changes.

Paste and compare text snippets
Have a piece of code that you have to compare quickly, maybe from a website, remote desktop session, or terminal? No problem – just stick to the empty text comparison frame to compare text snippets without saving or opening the file first.

Preview HTML file in browser
Want to preview your merges and changes before saving the HTML file that you are comparing? Switch browser preview to display browser preview directly in the compare frame and display your HTML file exactly as it will appear in a web browser, rather than just HTML code.

Compare files from the Internet via URL
Want to compare local copies of web pages with live versions? UltraCompare will automatically open and compare text data from a web URL – no download or FTP configuration is required!

Compare files and folders from FTP / SFTP
Drag down and compare files from the FTP server easily! With support for the FTP, SFTP and FTPS protocols, synchronizing local, dev and live sites has never been easier. What’s more, you can share FTP accounts with UltraEdit or UEStudio! See our power tip on how to compare FTP folders with UltraCompare.

Scan and navigate differences with mini-maps
The difference map to the left of the text comparison frame displays a visual representation of the difference in your text or file comparison. Quick navigation to compare differences in files by clicking on the area you want to see.

Compare Word Documents (.doc / .docx), PDF and RTF
Compare Word, PDF, and RTF files in UltraCompare. UltraCompare parses text from this file type so you can easily track text changes. This is a fantastic feature for any user!

Synchronize folders quickly and easily
Need to synchronize large numbers of files between your FTP server and the local developer site? Want to compare and synchronize your system backup? UltraCompare automates this for you with the powerful folder synchronization feature! Just check the “Sync folder” option in any 2-way folder and let UltraCompare do the rest. Folder synchronization is very configurable and can even be scheduled for full automation! Be sure to check the folder synchronization power tip.

Find and handle duplicate files
Eliminate clutter and free up valuable system disk space with the powerful UltraCompare duplicate file finder. Look for local, network and even FTP duplicate sites for duplicate files, then complete on a case by case basis.

Save and reuse the comparison that is most often used with the session
Sessions are the way you work

IDM UltraCompare Professional

IDM UltraCompare Professional

IDM UltraCompare Professional

How to install and Activate:

  1. Install software.
  2. Don’t launch after installation complete.
  3. Open Patch and Apply.
  4. Done!

Cloud Sync:

  • Secure, cloud-based syncing of settings between different systems
  • Authenticate with Google, GitHub, or Microsoft account
  • Push / pull all settings, or specific settings categories
  • Backup / restore system
  • Manage, rename, and remove instances from sync account
  • Requires a subscription license including Cloud Services
  • Set interval for refresh after merge / edit (Settings » Compare » Text)
  • Minor improvements

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