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proDAD Erazr is great for you who like tweaking or video editing! proDAD Erazr can help you delete unwanted objects from videos that you record quickly and very easily!

Sometimes your video recordings may be interrupted by unexpected factors outside of your desires, for example, there are naked cats that are accidentally recorded by your camera, or the presence of billboards on the side of the road, things can damage the quality of your work.

But don’t worry, there is a simple solution to remove all those annoying elements from your video footage. This means you don’t need to repeat your shots repeatedly to get the perfect order, all you need is a few clicks with the ProDAD Erazr app.

proDAD Erazr was designed by the developer, which is Avanquest for you who are still an amateur or for you who are professional in video editing, proDAD Erazr also has a very friendly and easy to learn interface so you can get started quickly operating this software.


  • Clear schedules for fast workflows
  • Cut clips easily
  • Convenient marking of objects
  • Manual & automatic object tracking
  • Comprehensive keyframe support
  • Supports optional input devices (such as USB pedals)
  • Preview the window effect before exporting the file
  • Upload YouTube directly if desired
  • Compatible with every framerate (24p / 25p / 30p / 50p / 60p and more)
  • Supports resolutions up to, or, and includes 8K videos

System Requirements

  • A platform for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Only compatible with 64-bit Windows
  • 6GB main memory
  • 1GB graphics memory
  • I7-CPU recommendations: 16GB main memory, 3GB graphics memory

What’s new?

  • There is no official info from the developer’s website on this version.


e95ccf4efc41c56 proDAD Erazr

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