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DeskArtes 3Data Expert
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  • Added: 7/13/2020
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83a2cb75bc73d4a DeskArtes 3Data Expert Expert is a professional tool for preparing 3D models for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing applications.

3Data Expert includes commands for manipulating 3D surface models and faceted 3D models. These commands include:

  • Surface triangulation
  • STL verification and repair
  • STL offsetting
  • separation
  • linking, thinning
  • smoothing
  • shrink wrapping
  • 3D and Boolean stacking and STL coloring and texture.

Optimal support can be generated for stereolithography, DLP, and metal processes automatically.

Sand Supports can be generated for sending sand parts. Finally, building documentation can be generated for production monitoring and quality control. 3Data Expert is a 3D data processing tool that you need to run your AM business!

3Data Expert Support Structure Generator allows you to generate advanced support for metal, DLP, and Sterolithoraphy processes.

3Data Expert BASE for STL files

  • Faster display list generation and texture handling
  • Solidify command (aka “shrinkwrap”) for repairing architectural models for 3D Printing
  • Shell Separation commands to produce parts with different material definitions
  • Sort Model Tree for more effective model repair and data organization
  • Clean Surfaces to remove small surfaces and simplify the model surface structure
  • 64-bit implementation improvements to handle millions of triangles
  • Advanced view direction selection for model texturing
  • Bitmap slice output for DLP based AM processes
  • Texture Paint for coloring textured 3D models
  • Support structures for metal, DLP, and stereolithography systems
  • 3D Nesting for optimal build area usage
  • Production Screenshot for part identification


  • Print and Email Images and 3D Geometry with Annotations and Measures
  • Input STL, 3MF, VRML, ZPR, OBJ, DXF, PLY, 3DS, Collada, FBX and 3DE Files
  • Write STL, 3MF, VRML, ZPR, PLY, and 3DE Files

Model Editing

  • Cut, Copy and Paste 3D Data
  • Multiple models for manufacturing
  • Advanced Selection and Replace tools for Model Repair
  • Create and Run Macros for Effective Model Repair
  • Workflow and Tools Window to Access Mostly Used Repair and Manipulation commands
  • Intuitive Menu Structure to Support the Workflow
  • Help Text window to Aid in the Repair Process
  • Different Error Filtering Levels for Repairing Models for Simulation vs. 3D Printing

3D Viewing, Transformations, and Measuring

  • Viewing with Colors, Textures, and Clipping
  • Transformations to Scale, Position, Rotate, Mirror & Platform positioning
  • Change units for STL models
  • Generate professional 2D Drawings from STL data
  • Point value, Distances, Angle, Radius and Wall Thickness Measuring

New Geometry Generation

  • Design of Free-Form and Primitive Surfaces
  • Primitive Box, Sphere, Cone, Cylinder and Torus for Adding Features and Supports to parts
  • Rotation and Sweep to create new Free Form geometry
  • Extrude Surfaces to add Thickness to models
  • 3D Text with for Tagging AM parts
  • Image to STL generation to add engravings on 3D data
  • Add Connecting struts to add stability to the part during the build

Surface Triangulation

  • Conversion of IGES and other Surface models to STL with Full Control of Resolution
  • Available with Optional input formats: STEP, CATIA 4/5/6, CATIA GCR, NX Unigraphics, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor, Parasolid, JT, and Creo/ProE
  • Re-trim and Manipulate Surface data to minimize errors

Full Faceted Model Repair

  • STL Model Verification and Automatic Repair
  • Automatic Self -Intersection Removal
  • Advanced Error Location for Manual Repair
  • Triangle Mesh Editing with Triangle Delete, Add, Gap Bridging, Point addition, and Area Triangulation
  • Normal Manipulation for Shells, Surfaces, and Triangles
  • Model Complexity Reduction for faster visualization and memory utilization

Faceted Model Modification

  • Solidify command for repairing difficult 3D models
  • Flexible Boolean Functions and Multiple Join Functions
  • Advanced Cut and Hole Tool for Cutting and Drilling
  • Hole Tool for Adding User-Defined Holes and Tapered Plugs
  • Reduce and Refine commands for Improving Triangle Shapes for Simulation
  • Smooth Models for Improved Surface quality
  • Check Draft Angle for Mold generation

Coloring and Texturing

  • Easy to Use Coloring and Texturing Commands for 3D Color Printing
  • 3DE File Format to Store Full Topology, Color and Texturing Information

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Control

  • 3D Nesting for automatic part positioning into the work area
  • Split models to fit on any Build area
  • Connect with Pins and Lap Joint
  • Hollow Parts for faster build and add Drain Holes
  • Accurate Offset for STL files, Create a Solid from Open Surface
  • Platform Definition for part positioning
  • Platform positioning tools
  • Z-Compensation for more Accurate build
  • Automatic Support Structures for sand, metal, DLP and stereolithography systems
  • Slicing of Faceted and Surface Models
  • Production Screenshots and Generate Report for build monitoring and quality control

Optional Advanced Modeling

  • Sketch 3D Surfaces on Medical models
  • Create Volumetric Net from STL Data
  • For Reverse Engineering and Medical Implant Design

Optional Import Translators

  • Convert standard STEP and IGES 3D CAD files for 3D Color Printing, AM and Simulation applications
  • Convert native Catia 4/5/6, NX Unigraphics, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor, Creo/ProE, Parasolid, JT and Catia GCR files for 3D Color Printing, AM and Simulation applications
  • Conversion of 3D Files to STL or VRML/3MF with Full Control of Resolution

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How to install and Activate:

  1. Install software
  2. Don’t launch after installation complete.
  3. Follow the steps by reading Instructions.txt
  4. Done!

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